Desire - Garden - Cupola

Work Number 288

Height: 3,30 m
Base diameter: 4,10 m
Shoulder diameter: 4,75 m

Made of laminated wood, high-grade steel


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Straight and equal sections of rectangular profile are found at the start of a garden cupola. The aforesaid sections fit together to create the basic construction element, the fork. For each desired part of the cupola a fork is required. Eight interlocking elements make up for an octagon in the centre of the circle - a cupola with eight corners.

Adding a fork results in a nonagon cupola. This process continues via decagon, etcS and culminates in a dodecagon within this system. The fork construction always stays the same. With these four steps towards the dodecagon the area built over is nearly doubled.

How does this come about? What happens to the interlocking element to create such a fine performance?

When an interlocking element is added the circumference increases by the base diameter. In order to bridge the extended distance the fork is slanted, losing height, the fork shoulder decreases, the radius line that has to be managed increases.

At the dodecagon the cupola height is considerably less, the shoulder of the building a mere hint.


"The Multicoloured Cupola" Weltwiese Augsburg "The Multicoloured Cupola"

Sozialplastik 2005

12 - Eck

Weltwiese Augsburg PAX2005

Work Number 293

Height: 5,50 m
Shoulder diameter: 6,00 m

Made of laminated wood, high-grade steel

Press Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung 08-17 05
Press Augsburger Stadtzeitung 06-08 05

Click here to see the erection of the "The Multicoloured Cupola" 2005.

When the static framework is equipped with a tarpaulin skin or a hard shell it can only be hooked on (or - in) in a pre-selected distance from the construction. The significant fork system always remains visible as a typical design feature.

Doors, windows and dormers can be integrated; a statically sound interior wall or buttressing pillar is not necessary.

The desire-garden-cupola system ends here rather arbitrarily; the described interlocking element is exhausted. From this point on the individually-designed multi-storey building starts. The system is open to design variations; the size may reach hall-like proportions.

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Press Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung 07-28 03

Press Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung 07-28 03

Successful load test Desire - Garden - Cupola


November 13 2003 at the College of Technology Regensburg
conducted by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich W. Zoller (Statics).


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